CahaBones started in April 2013 from a love for dogs, local breweries, and the Cahaba River.  Today we still have those first few spent grain flavored treats olus several new ones; we've added some grain free flavors, and we have a regular rotation of seasonal flavors.  

About Us






Who We Are

Originally from Mobile, Heather has lived in Birmingham for over 20 years and loves the city, but still holds onto some things from her gulf coast roots - namely a love of fresh seafood, her mom's gumbo, and the New Orleans Saints.

Even though her family was never without a dog while Heather was growing up, she didn't get her own until 2007 when she adopted Harry Pugalicious from a pug rescue group in Atlanta.  Harry led her to CahaBones and her life as a certified crazy pug lady.

Tallulah BabygirlPug (aka LuLu) was adopted in 2010.  She was very shy and a bit fearful, but she watched her new brother Harry for cues on how to approach new situations.  Regular outings to the Market at Pepper Place in her red stroller helped her adapt quickly to being a well-loved pug with a furever home.

When not helping taste-test treats, LuLu enjoys begging for marshmallows, lounging on the sofa with her mom, and taking long naps in a warm bed.

George Agador Spartacus (aka Georgie) joined the CahaBones team in January, 2018, at the age of 12 weeks.  A natural salespug from the start, Georgie works all of our events - unless it's too hot.

Georgie takes his job as quality control officer very seriously - often stealing treats to taste just to make sure a bad one hasn't slipped past him.  

When not working as the spokespug and taste tester for CahaBones, Georgie enjoys hanging out with his friends, swimming (with his life vest on), playing with squeaky toys, barking at Saints games, exploring Birmingham, annoying his sister, and about a million other things.  

Harry Pugalicious was my first pug.  I adopted Harry from Southeast Pug Rescue in August of 2007.  He was 15 months old and it became apparent pretty quickly that he was the world's greatest pug.  

Harry and his sister Lulu were well known at the Market at Pepper Place long before we took over CahaBones.  Riding around in their stroller, Harry and Lulu brought smiles to many and got their picture made - A LOT! He never met a stranger and everyone loved him. 

Harry crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2016.